Introduction of each technology boasted by Nihon Dento Kougyo

We introduce each technology our company boasts, such as plating and surface technology 


We offer various types of plating such as Nickel plating, Copper Plating, Electroless Plating as well as precious metal plating; gold, silver, platinum, etc.

Aluminum Anodization

We handle both soft and hard anodization including colorful anodization such as white, black, other attractive colors.

Other Surface Treatment Processes

Titanium Anodization, Electrodeposition, Electroless plating, Blasting 

Plating by purpose

We will introduce the plating that we are good at by application, which can be handled by high-mix variable-volume production.

Commitment to craftsmanship

Features of Nihon Dento Kougyo

Certain technical strength boasting to the world

We offer and offer the optimum specifications from the ground to the finish according to the customer's application and needs by abundant plating solution and the cultivated technology power.

Respond to diverse functions and finish

In 1958 successful development of the high-speed alloy thick gold plating method, which surpasses the technological standards of Europe and the United States. We have more than 50 plentiful plating solutions, mainly about 20 kinds of our own developed solutions.

From research projects to mass production

We handle everything from prototypes to mass production. In addition, we also conduct the required tests and analysis.

  • Thick plating

    Gold, silver and palladium-nickel plating can be thickened up to 100 μm.

  • Plating on difficult-to-plate material

    Direct plating on stainless steel material It is possible to plating gold plating and difficult materials that are difficult to plate.

  • Measures against metal allergy and environmental regulations

    It corresponds to plating specification which does not contain nickel which causes metal allergy. Nickel-free gold and silver plating are also available for stainless steel materials. RoHS directive, REACH regulation etc. are also supported.

『 Finesse & Technology as one 』

To surface treatment with higher added value

We have obtained ISO9001 and ISO14001 certification. Since Nippon Dento Kougyo processes everything manually, we can respond to the detailed customer requests (plating specifications, film thickness, etc. and the specific requirement). We accept everything from a single prototype/development project to large/small lot mass production. In addition, it is also possible to analyze the material and surface condition. If you have any problems with surface treatment, such as being rejected by other companies, having trouble with a problem, or particular type of plating, please contact Nippon Dento Kougyo!

Plating possibilities are endless! Let's become successors to open up the future with world-class technology!

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